[streaming] Joseph Futak – Gone Before

“Gone Before” is the second single taken from “Pigeon Songs”, out September 4th via Fox Food Records.

As his previous band was drawing to a close, Joseph began writing for this new project tentatively at first, bringing the songs to the George, Lucy and Lily and working on them in George’s bedroom with a drum kit in one corner, amps scattered around and Joseph perched on his bed with a keyboard on his lap.

Writing these songs marked a conscious decision to embrace emotional honesty in Joseph’s lyrics and their presentation, and a desire to present them in an unpretentious way – embracing stillness and simplicity in the music inspired by the music of Low, David Berman and Majical Cloudz.

The songs were slowly shaped throughout spring 2019 before a summer of gigs to prepare for three days spent over October recording in Hermitage Works in north London with producer, Nathan Ridley.

All songs were tracked to tape live in one day, only allowing a couple of takes per song, the last two days being spent on overdubs. The vocals were then rerecorded in one day at home with a duvet hung up for acoustic treatment during February, and then Nathan and Joseph mixed the full EP in a day.



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