[streaming] Tristan Welch – Chromesthesia 11

Taken from “Chromesthesia Chronicles”, out August 7th 2020.

Taken as a complete object, Tristan Welch’s Chromesthesia Chronicles is a 12 page booklet of songs inspired by Steve Loya’s paintings or paintings based on Tristan Welch’s songs. In this collaborative push/pull between Welch’s aching, drone-heavy guitar work and Loya’s bold and expressive visual art, the two Virginia based artists explore a shared artistic space where both sound and color bleed into one another, accidents contain worlds of chance encounters and tone and color express ideas beyond words. Chromesthesia Chronicles is informed by the phenomenon known as chromesthesia – the rare ability to “see music” in shapes, lines and colors – a tangible analog for the music and art working hand-in-glove towards this experience.

The art-book / CD will be available only through bandcamp and will be limited to 100 copies.

Tristan Welch is a musician, artist and activist based in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. His focus is creating soundscapes via electric guitar, treated with electronics. A self-professed fascination with minimalism and repetition is evident in his work- a hypnotic layering of melodics that evolve and dissipate while maintaining a steady tone center.

Steve Loya is an artist from Sterling, VA with a B.S. in Art Education from Edinboro University of PA, Steve’s work is motivated by a strong desire to communicate and express visually something beyond words or spoken language, however serious or playful his approach and subject matter may be.



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