[streaming] Home Learning – Here, Outside, Waiting

Taken from “The Case for Final”, out December 11th via Healing Sound Propagandist.

Home Learning is a long distance collaboration between Tom Schmidlin (Pagination) located in Bentonville, Arkansas and Edmund Osterman (Screener) in Covington, KY. The two use synthesizers, guitars and array of effects pedals to form a bridge between space and time, connecting overlapping ambient passages into cohesive tracks that ebb and flow with their own lunar tide.

Their first release on the Past Inside the Present affiliated label Healing Sound Propagandist, Home Learning present a strikingly cohesive album. The eight compositions that make up The Case for Final are united in a common tonal core – a tendency to let golden ambient tones slide just a bit into the red, creating aching and glistening overtones that scrape the low cloud sealing of feedback and analog delay without losing any of their eliding beauty. This tendency colors compositions like “Muriki” and “Threnody” where ambient passages weave around each other like nervous smoke rings and imbues key-forward tracks like “Birinj” with heavy synth pulls towards the center.

A lap through The Case for Final and we can feel our blood pressure return to its baseline. A few deeper listens reveal new depths to these compositions and tonal interplays that could not have happened by chance. Given that most of our creative endeavors have now taken an involuntary home-based turn, it’s comforting that sounds like this can grow from an organically and ESP-linked connection without being in the same room together.



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