[streaming] Ski Saigon – It’s Already Tomorrow

Taken from “Sees the Albatross”, out March 4th 2021 via Too Good To Be True.

“Ski Saigon Sees the Albatross” is the debut album by London-based band Ski Saigon. It follows “Brings the Storm Cloud EP” (Art is Hard, 2016), a concept record about the history of the world’s first indoor ski slope in French-occupied Indochina, from which the band takes its name. “Ski Saigon Sees the Albatross” finds the band dreaming of polar exploration, the Himalayas, deep water and blue water. Is the albatross an ominous symbol of burden or a portent of good fortune?

“All was going well for Ski Saigon until the cursed bird landed on the forecastle. Presently, clement weather ceased and monsters of the deep made themselves known in unexpected guises. In the dark shadows surrounding the vessel, all saw their own worst fears reflected.”



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