[streaming] Jeffrey Martin – I Know What I Know


New single by Jeffrey Martin, out now via Fluff And Gravy Records.

There’s a quiet dignity to the stories on “One Go Around”, but a kind of quiet desperation as well. The stories hit hard, because we know we may not be far off from them ourselves in this time of uncertainty. There’s a sense of hope too, the kind of hope that Martin instilled in his students, encouraging them to follow their dreams no matter the cost. It’s this hope that in turn inspired him to leave his teaching to become a full-time musician, for how could he encourage this in his students if he wasn’t willing to do it himself? Now that he’s left the day job behind, Jeffrey Martin tours hard, and he’s become known on the West Coast Americana scene as a kind of songwriter’s songwriter, a writer that other artists turn to for inspiration.

“At some point, when the exhaustion becomes too much and the debate becomes too ugly, when we’ve become saturated in curated news headlines that speak only to our specific fears, we all succumb to a narrowness of thought that separates people into drastically simple categories: those who are of our view, and those who are not. As if our own political and ideological conclusions are bullet-proof scripture, rooted in irrefutable evidence. Despite the subjectivity of interpretation and the general lack of reliable information in the world, if we get frustrated enough, or scared enough, or desperate enough, we each feel justified in defining the ugliness of the other in no uncertain terms.

True understanding requires the intellectual humility to keep reforming ideas based on new information. Undisturbed ignorance produces a fear-based solidification of ideas that undermines any meaningful discussion or growth. I think we all have the capacity for both and it takes constant attention and hard work to remain vigilant against the pitfalls of knowing. This song is a satirical calling-out of that flaw in all of us, of our tendency to find comfort and power in the delusion of certainty. Hate survives upon a lack of information, it can’t function without it.”




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