[video of the week] epic45 & Babybird – Another Year

‘Another Year’ will be released on Friday 19th March 2021 via Wayside & Woodland Recordings on Bandcamp and other streaming services (Spotify, apple, Deezer etc).

A bold return, as epic45 & Babybird collaborate on a brand new song ‘Another Year’ to be released digitally on Wayside & Woodland Recordings in March 2021.

Ten long years have passed since epic45, Benjamin Holton and Robert Glover, have worked with renowned songwriter and performer Stephen Jones of Babybird, joined by percussionist James Yates. epic45 & Babybird last collaborated on ‘With Our Backs To the City’ (Weathering 2011). where Jones’ vocalisation encapsulated an under the skin desire to ‘crawl away’. Weathering will be reissued on vinyl later this year to mark its 10th Anniversary since release.

In ‘Another Year’ Jones’ soulful extrospection permeates the musical arrangement laid by epic45 in a timely socially-distanced collaboration. The accompanying video for ‘Another Year’ was created in-house by Wayside & Woodland Recordings, alongside epic45’s ‘Outside’ video Producer & Director, Angela Slater. All footage was recorded by the artists, who are keen photographers and documenters of the landscape in which they inhabit.




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