[streaming] Leider – Colder Underground

Taken from “A Fog Like Liars Loving”, out May 14th 2021 via Beacon Sounds.

Leider is an ensemble that plays songs by Rishin Singh and hails from the city of Berlin. A Fog Like Liars Loving, their debut album, is fragile and delicate music that reflects the darker side of urban living – themes of addiction, alienation, casual cruelty, and paranoia are present throughout – while maintaining an understated gallows humor. Though difficult to categorize, they can reference the textures of Musique Concrète or the structures of Wandelweiser. They can also devolve into cascades of no-wave inspired noise and are almost always just at the edge of falling apart.

These eight songs extend a patient hand to the listener, playing with chance and human idiosyncracy: exposed instrumental playing where the hairs scraping across strings and the air required to produce a note are as important as the notes themselves. Hardly ever truly in tune or in time with one another, yet fully in conversation. Hardly a note that isn’t broken or damaged in some way – both antidote and mirror to the disintegration of sedentary life.

“A Fog Like Liars Loving is an argument in favour of human fragility and imperfection – what is scorned or sought to be transcended in current aesthetic and political discourse.” – Rishin Singh



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