[video of the week] Lōwli – Otherworld

Irish composer and songwriterLōwli prepares to mesmerise with the release of her compelling new single‘Otherworld’, due for release on27th July 2022 via Veta Records.

Combining elegant piano tones with cinematic strings and haunting vocals, ‘Otherworld’ is a beautifully bittersweet slice of ambience that isfilled with harmonically gorgeous interplays throughout. Mixing elements of neo-classical, dark-pop and folk, Lōwli’s work is influenced by artists such as Agnes Obel and Olafur Arnalds to name a few.

Talking about the single, Lōwli elaborates, “Otherworld’ explores the idea of searching for contentment and happiness, and while doing so, losing sight of the bigger picture. It explores the idea of lost time whilst searching for a better situation, when in reality, we often have exactly what weneed already”.

Lōwli is the solo project of Roisin Lowry. Roisin began writing and releasing original music as Lōwli since 2016.

Lōwli has already received praise from the likes of The irish Times, Hot Press, The Last Mixed Tape and has also been selected for several Spotify editorial playlists. She has been played on radio stations such as RTE Radio 1 and RTE 2fm, among many others. Having performed at festivals and showcases such as Other Voices, Ireland Music Week, Piano Day Dublin and Sofar Sounds, Lōwli is busy working on her live shows to accompany her forthcoming release. Having received funding via the MISP recording grant, Lōwli’s upcoming EP ‘Otherworld’ is due for release in August 2022.




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