[streaming Garreth Broke – Hiding (Reworks)

“Hiding (Reworks)” is a unique collection of recompositions highlighting the talents of several exciting musicians, centering around a track that pianist and composer Garreth Broke wrote for solo piano called “Hiding”.

“Hiding” was first released as part of a collaboration with artist Anna Salzmann titled “Healing”, which explored the healing process in all its complexities. Whenever Garreth returned to the piece or played it in concerts, he kept having new ideas for it, as if the piece itself were telling him that it wanted to grow. This prompted him to invite a group of musicians whose work he admires to create a series of reworks of this composition, encouraging them to be as adventurous as they liked — a task that they really embraced, leading to some mesmerising results.

“Hiding (Reworks)” is released on March 3rd 2023 via Piano and Coffee.
Listen/purchase: https://pianoandcoffeerecords.bandcamp.com/album/hiding-reworks

Garreth Brooke is a British/German musician. He’s released music with 1631 Recordings, THESIS, and Bigo & Twigetti, with whom his music has been streamed millions of times. He often uses the pen name Garreth Broke and frequently collaborates with his artist partner, Anna Salzmann.

He has performed live all over Europe with musicians including Hania Rani, Clemens Christian Poetzsch, Tom Blankenberg, Nathan Shubert, Simeon Walker, Frances Shelley, CEEYS, Jakob Lindhagen and Vargkvint.

His sheet music has been published by Editions Musica Ferrum and Breitkopf & Härtel. In addition he has consulted on and created sheet music for many composers including Akira Kosemura, Simeon Walker, and Clemens Christian Poetzsch. He is also the curator of the contemporary sheet music project Upright, which has featured award-winning composers like Michael Price, Liam Byrne and Danny Mulhern, popular pianist-composers including Oskar Schuster, Julian Marchal and Peter Broderick as well as acclaimed educational composers like Barbara Arens, Nikolas Sideris and Alison Mathews.

He studied Music at St Edmund Hall in the University of Oxford where he acquired an MA, received the AMTB performance diploma from the Music Teacher’s Board, and holds teaching qualifications from the Royal Conservatory of Music.




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