[streaming] Laish – Cold Songs


Three songs written by Daniel Green during the Winter months between 2011- 2013.

Available to purchase from Bandcamp or sent out as a free download for anyone purchasing Laish music through Bandcamp during December.

Hi all, I hope you are enjoying the build up to the holiday. I have put together a seasonal musical present for you. It’s a melancholic response to the usual Christmas nonsense. I am no Scrooge-humbug type, but for some reason it goes against my nature to write a truly joyous, cheese-filled Christmas puff.

I wrote and recorded the song, “Hello Berlin”, in January 2011 for my friends Rory, Ben, Martha and Jools who at the time comprised a very short-lived but excellent band called Dancehalls. In their infinite wisdom, they had decided it would be a great idea to go to Berlin for a weekend without anywhere to stay, any money or any particularly warm jumpers. I suppose they had each other.

As they travelled on their first U-Bahn from the airport, a ticket inspector decided they had bought the wrong ticket and dutifully took any Euros they might have had. So off they went, shivering into the harsh winter streets, penniless and angry. As I read their hilariously unfortunate emails, chuckling at the misfortune of friends from my warm Hove flat, they brought to mind the sad-looking fish in the Sealife Centre that I had once seen, static and seemingly lifeless. A song was born.

“A Poor Man’s Christmas” was inspired by the Occupy Movement around Christmas 2011, when there were many cold people camping outside in cities of the world to make a point. Seems like that point still needs making.

“Silentish Night” was created for For Folk’s Sake’s Christmas album, 2013. I had just moved to London, and was inspired by the sense of manic despair along the Holloway Road.” (Daniel Green)

The EP is available to download from Bandcamp from December 15th: https://laish.bandcamp.com/album/cold-songs



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