[streaming] True Strength – Malta

True Strength is Ida Duelund-Hansen (Copenhagen) and Alexander Garsden (Melbourne).

Since 2012 they have performed across Europe, USA and Australia.  Straddling two spoken languages and multiple musical disciplines, their work together interweaves songwriting in the revivalist folk tradition, early baroque and renaissance music, electro-acoustic music, and free improvisation.

The duo’s first single ‘Lyse Striber’ (in Danish: ‘Highlights’) will be premiered 20th October 2016, and is accompanied by a video clip made by twice MIFF-award nominated experimental filmmaker Hanna Chetwin, which showcases an exquisite array of domestic still lifes.  Their debut self-titled album will be released December 2016 on Eastmint Records, with an accompanying east coast launch tour in January, playing at Hobart (MONA FOMA), Melbourne (Eastmint Studios / INLAND Concert Series), Sydney (NOWnow Festival), Brisbane and NSW Northern Rivers.

Hansen and Garsden write, arrange and perform in a uniquely focused, intimate and virtuosic style – carefully navigating a landscape of diverse approaches, and framing their neo-traditional and transnational collaboration in such a way that traces its archaic historical roots, yet simultaneously looks forward to unknown destinations.

Individually, their backgrounds accommodate and support their credential for such investigations: Garsden is a recognised composer and experimental computer musician, with work commissioned by both Sydney and Melbourne Symphony Orchestras, alongside a host of Australia’s contemporary chamber music champions including Michael Kieran Harvey, Speak Percussion and Golden Fur Trio; whilst Hansen’s creative work spans burgeoning Danish pop superstars Silvester and, as a soloist, a host of sound design, theatre, and opera collaborations across multiple continents.

“Malta” is featured as the current “single of the week” of the radio show L’Attimo Fuggente.



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