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[streaming] Karima Walker – St. Ignacio

“St. Ignacio” is taken from “Hands in Our Names”, the first full length album from Tucson, AZ experimental musician Karima Walker, out March 24, 2017.
“Hands in Our Names” is a hypnotizing patchwork of drone, folk, psychedelia, field recordings and tape loops. Equal parts gorgeous and abrasive, comforting and confounding, “Hands in Our Names” builds abstract song-collages from disparate sonic components, isolating and harmonizing a wild array instruments and textures across the span of twelve interwoven tracks. “Hands in Our Names” is dizzyingly abstract at moments, but taken as a whole, the album moves like a half-remembered travelogue, with Walker’s understated, measured and beautiful singing voice acting as a compassionate tour guide through a wrecked landscape.



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