[streaming] Mesta – Sedam Poslednjih Reči Tebi

MESTA is a spiritual noise / slowcore / drone band conceived in the Winter of 2007 with an idea of echolocating God through music. Extremely intimate and cathartic.

“MESTA is, to me, looking up, from the long day’s journey through the mundane kingdom of man, to the firmament above and finding in that fire-tinged sky that very black murder of crows of which you are ever warned to curse, but in a moment of ambiguous reflection, instead you study deeply and in doing so realize that their complex movements perfectly circumscribe the sister orbits of falling sun and rising moon with such intricate patterns beyond any wisdom or wit, sending your mind reeling with impossibility until your eyes drop with the weight of such a miracle, and with your vision unfocused you see, upon the rising blackness of the eastern procession, the inky silhouettes of mortal men who’s hand’s dexterous gesticulation most perfectly mirror, and through further cogitation you realize: produce, the every winged path of the ebony souls above, and with this revelation you find your mind’s every rumination completely transfixed, until the dawning shadows take you home.”
– Curtis McKinney



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