[video of the week] Keaton Henson – Epilogue

Keaton Henson has unanticipatedly unveiled beautiful enigmatic new song ‘Epilogue’, which is available today via Play It Again Sam.

A toast – amongst other things – to “the ties that I’ve cut along the way”, ‘Epilogue’ slowly unfolds a haunting piano ballad into a symphonic climax, which lyrically seems to bid farewell not only to third album ‘Kindly Now’, but potentially a wider chapter in Keaton’s life and career thus far. Keaton has said little to expand but there is certainly a feeling of parting.

The accompanying video acts as a sequel to the ‘No Witnesses’ short film, taking place the evening of that day and driving Keaton further into an uncertain future, while the image physically burns away.

‘Epilogue’ looks back on an extraordinary personal journey for Keaton Henson, who recently completed his first US headline tour and played his biggest ever London show at the Palladium (which sold out immediately and won 5-star reviews). He has gone from self-releasing (and illustrating) his debut album to playing one-on-one for fans (and then cinemas, museums, churches and theatres internationally). Sonically, too, ‘Kindly Now’ reflected a move into electronics (first suggested by instrumental album ‘Behaving’) and classical music (introduced on the self-taught orchestration of ‘Romantic Works’). Along the way, Keaton has explored everything from exhibits of his visual art to publishing poetry; from productions at Sadler’s Wells to a feature-length film for the BBC, ‘Young Men’ (in partnership with Balletboyz). What all these things share is Keaton’s raw, unflinching sense of musical and lyrical honesty: ‘Epilogue’ may raise more questions than answers as to what he’ll do next, but wherever he goes you sense Keaton Henson will keep doing things his way, or not at all.



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