[streaming] Lost Bear – Rap Song

“Donkey Shot” is the latest chapter of the musical adventure novel called Lost Bear. Back in the old days (2008-2013) the band made 90s indierock, for which they received positive reviews. Despite successful gigs at home and abroad, they never escaped the status of promising band. Lost Bear had to make a choice: to quit, to aim for success, or to keep focusing and rely on their creative and formative qualities? They chose for the last option, which resulted in Monkey Pop (2015) and Inside The Dragon (2016), a double album containing an eclectic explosion of lo-fi songs, together forming a schizophrenic trip through decades of rock music.

Only a year after releasing “Inside The Dragon” the band presents us “Donkey Shot”. A considerably more compact album, with eleven songs recorded on an 8-track tape recorder, mixed and mastered by Floyd Atema (The Sweet Release of Death, Zea). The songs are sinister and dark, with elements from post punk, new wave, dub and avant-garde. By adding keys and sound effects Lost Bear creates an alienating and invase atmosphere. They seem to translate the current absurd Zeitgeist, for example by shouting out the name of psychotic childhood hero Pee Wee (in Little Big Adventure).

Lost Bear won’t get more political. “Donkey Shot” breathes the deception, emptiness and a lack of love and empathy that define this decade. For example in Hallway of Echoes: ‘Hollow, hollow, hollow, hollow’. Listening to the album one gets carried away in the madness, to lose touch with reality definitively during side B. You find yourself
in a room with drunk hippies with a diet coke in your hand. It’s a slippery slope, but it all ends well. ‘No clue why I’m here, but I’m smiling’.

“Donkey Shot” is the third album by Lost Bear on Tiny Room Records, October 3rd.



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