[streaming] Will Driving West – Kids

Will Driving West is a band who’s sole purpose is to make music they love. They have no agenda. They enjoy every step of the dance. They feel blessed that some of you connect to the music they put out there. They love each other. It shows when they’re playing together on a stage.

While navigating under most radars, they sold ten thousand records, they got around twenty songs placed in feature films/TV shows and they made a hundred shows in some of the most beautiful venues all over their home province of Quebec.

The new single is called Kids. Here’s the story about it.
“It was a rainy Sunday morning and I was alone. It was depressing. Depressing like a rainy Sunday morning when you’re alone. I hadn’t been able to write a single song in a few months, and that was unusual for me. I grabbed my acoustic guitar and tried to write something in my little home studio. Nothing. I decided to move out and to change instruments. I brought my Vox amp and my electric Gibson Les Paul, who had been sleeping in the corner for a long time (she’s still mad at me for starting a folk band), in the living room. It’s actually a large open room that includes the living room, dining room and kitchen, so there’s plenty of space for your ideas to fly around without bouncing on the walls all the time. I fixed myself a little roll of a substance that will soon be legal in Canada, as it tends to remove the barriers within my mind and help my creativity. It worked.

I hit an F and then an A major. I wouldn’t have done that in normal times. I followed with a Dm. Nice. Then C, then Gm, then back to Dm but somewhere else on the fretboard. Love it! Then back to A, stay there but remove a finger, then back to Dm.

All the instruments started playing in my head. I could hear the drums, the groovy bass, a solo at the end. The song is so clearly inspired by The Beatles that I wanted the solo to sound a bit George Harrison-esque, simple and melodic, which kind of is my style too (not comparing myself to George Harrison here, folks), so I ended up writing and playing the solo, for the first time in my life. Furthermore, since the lyrics are very personal and tell a true story, I felt like I had to write the solo in order for them to come from the same place, to be connected. I woke up bored and depressed that day, and writing the song made me happy and ecstatic. This song saved my day.

Of course, when the band heard it, they made arrangements that were way better than what I had heard in my head when I wrote it, as is always the case with these gifted musicians. Andréa played the piano and the bass, while Ben played the drums. Camille Paquette-Roy made the cello arrangements and holy crap did they make the song better. She’s playing all the strings.

This is the first WDW song that was recorded and mixed in a professional studio. We used to record everything at home with mics that we borrowed from friends, and Dan Fontaine used to mix the sh** out of ‘em to make listenable songs out of our poorly recorded tracks.

This time, with cleaner sounds at the source, we were able to make it sound exactly as I wanted it to sound. Dom Grand did a great job on the recording and the mixing. I wanted it to sound raw, a bit live and with imperfections, like something that could have been done in the 70’s.”



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