[video of the week] Laish – Time Elastic

Laish are excited to announce the first track/video from imminent fourth album “Time Elastic”, their second for French label Talitres, due on 13 April.

Shot by brother Matt – actor, stand-up & budding film maker – in his kitchen, the simple video compliments the subject matter.

The song demonstrates frontman Danny Green at his most contemplative and illustrates perfectly his narrative flair.
He says: “Title song ‘Time Elastic’, was written after I finished watching Nick Cave’s One More Time With Feeling film. I tried to put myself in his shoes, to imagine walking through the days with such a crushing burden of grief. It was a very powerful feeling and one I hope the song captures”.

Laish, are piloted by the mesmeric Danny Green, a master of captivating confessionals and a thoroughly engaging front man. His glorious voice ranges from the angelic, to a plaintiveness echoing Robert Wyatt, to deeper Kurt Wagner-esque tones.

New album, “Time Elastic”, brims with ultra-cool, classic songwriting and bestows a superbly developed and playful record, full of surprises. A bold step forward, presenting a songwriter at the height of his powers.

“Time Elastic” is Laish’s second album on esteemed French label, Talitres (The National, Micah P Hinson). Produced in Brighton during the late summer of 2017 with Tim Bidwell, this album is their most direct and satisfying release to date, displaying some truly breathtaking arrangements.

Compared to its predecessor “Pendulum Swing“, essentially a heartbroken record, “Time Elastic” is more reflective and appreciative, a taking stock and consolidation.



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