[video of the week] I Am Oak – Will I Wake

“Will I Wake” is the first new single by the Dutch band based around singer/songwriter Thijs Kuijken. The song diverts from their recognizable guitar sound. All previous material was written with guitar at its core, but lately I Am Oak have been experimenting with the addition of piano for their upcoming releases. Because of this the band’s sound has changed significantly, but without losing the typical I Am Oak feel. This makes “Will I Wake” the perfect example of how I Am Oak is continuously looking for ways to renew their music.

Thijs Kuijken on “Will I Wake”:
Both the song and the video for ‘Will I Wake’ play around with the delicate, fickle and dreamlike character of memories. It takes us along a thread of almost fluid impressions that are somehow connected and each lead us to the next one. Some more fleshed out and clear than others, just like in our minds. Some memories you know will fade even if they are based on a significant moment. Some memories you know will last a long time, because you cherish them.



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