[streaming] Junkboy – Old Camera, New Film

Junkboy contributed Old Camera, New Film to the Music Minds Compilation. Music Minds is a 3 x CD set which aims to raise money and awareness for mental health. The compilation features many talented artists including Nik Kershaw, Paul Young’s Los Pacaminos, Phillip Rambow and many more!

The Music Minds campaign started 1st August 2017 when Ian Sephton decided to compile a charity album as part of his rehabilitation after mental health problems in 2011.

In the years since Ian’s breakdown, it became more apparent that the social stigma around mental health was starting to erode through great work by high profile sufferers and initiatives like ‘Time To Talk’ and ‘World Mental Health Day’ but pressures on the National Health Service and supporting charities has never been worse. There’s still more to be done in terms of increasing awareness and fundraising.

With no previous experience, Ian started to contact his favourite artists with his idea and the response was overwhelming. Many of the artists Ian approached have had problems, or have loved ones who have suffered. Their support was usually immediate and positive.

A special highlight has been the creation of an animated cartoon which has a character showing cue cards with simple to follow mental health top tips like ‘Take A Break’, ‘Get Enough Sleep’, many of which resonated with Ian, if only someone had offered this advice to him before his breakdown.

Junkboy are brothers Rich and Mik Hanscomb, the group originated from Southend-on-Sea in the late nineties. Their music has encompassed different genres over time from space rock to post rock, and now a more song based sound. Junkboy often use other musicians to bolster their studio productions.



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