[streaming] Queen Of The Meadow – La Louve

Taken from “Survival of the Unfittest”, out June 4th via Only Lovers Records.

For four years now, Queen of the Meadow has been enchanting us with their delicate folk songs which have often been compared with the works of Nick Drake, Vashti Bunyan or Judee Sill. But it is high time we move away from those tutelary figures to recognize the fair value of the acoustic cathedrals erected by the discreet yet passionate duettists, as well as acknowledge the almost child-like joy experienced while hearing them sing in harmony.

Helen Ferguson is a late bloomer who started writing a few years ago, driven by a profound impulse to depict her inner demons through radiant melodies.

On the other hand, Julien Pras has been known for almost 25 years as one of the deftest craftsmen when it comes to sensitive song writing (Calc, Mars Red Sky). Together, they adorn of the finest fabric the songs that she prefers to compose in her native language. They overstitch the instruments, the sound of which he meticulously works on until a refined and elegant gown is obtained, meant to stand the test of time. The challenge was successfully met from the beginning with their debut album “Aligned With Juniper” (Tiny Room Records, 2016) and with “A Room to Store Happiness” (Only Lovers Records, 2018).



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