[streaming] Andy Aquarius – Chapel


“Chapel” is the title track of the debut full-length album by Andy Aquarius, out November 12th 2021 via Hush Hush Records.

A timeless record that captures a primordial beauty, ‘Chapel’ places Andy’s exquisite homespun harp arrangements alongside honest vocal melodies for a transcendental journey through the outer realms of ambient, classical, new age, and folk music.

A Berlin-based harpist, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist,  Andy Aquarius is a sonic alchemist. An experimental multi-instrumentalist and fringe musician with German and Croatian roots currently based in Berlin, Andy has been roaming the underground and releasing music under various aliases that adventurously explore a wide-ranging sound covering everything from experimental folk to synth-pop, psychedelic rock, textural ambient, and film scoring.

While his blossoming discography has often featured densely layered arrangements and relatively complex instrumentations, ‘Chapel’ welcomes a refined minimalistic approach. Recorded in three days with Martin Fiedler at Klangbild Studios Berlin, the album places the hypnotic elegance of Andy’s homebuilt harp directly in the spotlight. Each song leads with the harp and allows the instrument to build an atmospheric and immersive foundation. Utilizing his voice as an accompanying layer to the harp’s lyrical brushstrokes, Andy adds his gentle voice only to accentuate key moments and support certain tonal movements. His lyrics carry a vague yet intoxicating mystical element, Andy’s friend Maja Presnell provides ethereal choral harmonies on a pair of stunning standout tracks, and the album’s two instrumental pieces rest comfortably alongside the album’s compositionally rich vocal tracks.

Ambient, classical, new age, and folk are all genres mentioned merely as reference points. ‘Chapel’ differentiates itself from an easily identifiable sound from the first notes of the album’s opening title track. With a clear focus on texture and ambience, Andy plucks and fingerpicks at his harp with a feathery reverence, weaving a mesmerizing instrumental soundscape for the song’s first three minutes before allowing his voice to enter the mix. Maja’s supporting vocals soon appear and together they swell in unison. A gorgeous tone-setter that serves as the album’s lead single, “Chapel” is a perfect entry into the celestial and dreamy sonic world that Andy paints throughout the album’s six-song run.




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