[video of the week] Jolanda Moletta – Spell II: Daydream and Nightbloom

Video premiere of “Spell II: Daydream and Nightbloom”, taken from “Nine Spells”, out July 5th 2022 via Ambientologist.

“Nine Spells” is a collection of vocal-only compositions by experienced vocalist and multimedia artist Jolanda Moletta, a musical tribute to nine of her female ancestors. She describes the inspiration for the track and the video below:

If we think of flowers blooming, we usually imagine them at daytime, in full light. However, there are many exceptions. Jasmine, or Moonflowers for example, bloom at night, when their pollinators are active. Night-blooming petals tend to be pale white or yellow, because the very light colour can be seen by moths. I have a night-blooming Oenothera in my little garden, its perfume is sweet as honey and fresh as lemon. It takes me the time to sing one song after sunset, and it opens up like a little ghost that lights up my summer nights.

Children who dream only at night may grow up, but they’ll never bloom fully. Normally, daydreaming is confusing and even dangerous when you cross the street, ride a bike and keep carrying out your experiments in the laboratory of life.

But where would you end up if you don’t follow your dreams? And what does intuition look like, if not a very short, intense dream? It suspends the dark film of reality and shines a light on things that, however true, may have been buried by the day’s duties. A little daydream may change your life for ever, and for better.

This video is about things and processes that, however strange and unusual, are part of our life and help us shaping it. Every time we’re told there’s no alternative, we should close our eyes – no matter if we’re in our beds or outside – and wait for a little daydream to certify (or change) the reality we’re shown.

Don’t refuse to dream outside the box.



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