[video of the week] Katie Lou McCabe – Evanescence of Colour

Katie Lou McCabe exists in a formless freedom, a chaotic synchronicity of experimental harmony. Reminiscent of everything from Talk Talk to Warpaint, Sonic Youth to The Incredible String Band, she effortlessly blends elements of psychedelia, folk and shoegaze. Her sound comes from a place of pure exploration, of childlike play, of joy and learning. Her music sounds ancient and modern, mysterious and maddening, a summation of the east and west, the past and future. Innersense maps her exotic tales of the perpetual renewal that the river of life and death offers.

Every time she touches the water another dream is possible. Another reality is possible. Drifting into worlds of colour, art, imagination and escape. There, all is beautiful. All is well. But there is a banging coming from the other side of the prism, it is making ripples on the surface. Sometimes its hard to keep him out.

This video explores the relationship between art, escapism and abuse.




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