[streaming] Future Conditional – Demolitions


First single in anticipation of the long awaited second album by Future Conditional, “Isotech”, out September 30th 2022 via Second Language.

Featuring Bobby Wratten (formerly of The Field Mice/Trembling Blue Stars/Northern Picture Library and now Lightning In A Twilight Hour) and Beth Arzy (formerly of Aberdeen and Trembling Blue Stars; now of Jetstream Pony and The Luxembourg Signal).

Future Conditional is the sleek electro-pop project from Glen Johnson and Cédric Pin, both former members of the Anglo-French “ghostrock” group, Piano Magic. Johnson, based in London and Pin, located in Alès, Southern France, have been slowly, meticulously assembling ‘Isotech,’ the second Future Conditional album, since 2007. Originally intended as a fast follow-up to their first album, ‘We Don’t Just Disappear,’ that year on LTM Recordings, things didn’t quite go to schedule – Pin relocated to his native France and Johnson directed his full-time attention to Piano Magic. When the latter disbanded in 2016, Johnson and Pin reunited to work on a much darker project, ‘The Burning Skull’ (Second Language Music, 2018) but Future Conditional was never far from their hearts (and hard drives).

‘Isotech,’ a portmanteau of isolationist and techno, imagines a dystopian clubland where, as the title track opines, “the kick is numb, the snare is dead.” As Johnson explains, “I had this idea….well, more of a hope, that, in the future, there might be clubs where androids go to dance and humans are banned. No alcohol, none of the idiocy, violence and garishness we currently associate with clubbing, just pure music and non-stop dancing.”

Even so, ‘Isotech’s draws inspiration as much from ‘80s Kraftwerk, DAF and John Foxx, as it does from science fiction.




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