[video of the week] Federico Madeddu Giuntoli – You Are (ft. AGF)

Taken from the forthcoming album “The Text and The Form”, out November 25th via Flau Records.

“You are” is the first single of Federico Madeddu Giuntoli’s debut solo album “The text and the form”, starring legendary german e-poetess Antye Greie aka AGF, outstanding reference point in the fervent indietronic european scene of early 2000s. In “You are”, a delicate synth landscape and a warm, soothing and evocating acustic guitar riff build up the sonic space in which AGF’s fragmented and suggerent spoken words and melody magnetize the listener into a deep reflexion on her/his – as well other’s – own worth and uniqueness.

Federico Madeddu Giuntoli is an italian multidisciplinary artist. Mostly autodidact, his art is based on groundedness and simplicity, and focused on the complexity of human journey in a non aggressive, warm and unfiltered way.

His works, ranging from contemporary art, music, writing and photography, are usually delicate and subtle, yet unequivocally tuned into a certain kind of pop communication, however essential and experimental it may be.

“The text and the form” is his first solo album, featuring legendary german e-poetess Antye Greie aka AGF and sophisticated japanese artist Moskitoo (from 12K).

The album is a collection of 11 minimal and intimate short songs, in which piano fragments, lonely guitar solos, spoken words and evocative vocals resonate with processed microsounds and lo-fi field recordings, creating a concise and very deep journey into romance and sense of mystery.

In the artist’s words, “the album shaped itself according to a loose process of refinement and layering. A long, undisturbed assembling across more then a decade, often against my own will to reach a definitive form. If any relevance in this work can be found, I would say it resides in its capability to deliver a rare sense of vulnerability, longing and aliveness together, an aroma of improvisation and instability mixed with a unexplicable impression of perfection”.




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