[streaming] Oscar Dowling – The Life

Taken from “Free And Easy”, debut album by Oscar Dowling, out 2nd June 2017.

Oscar Dowling’s debut album was recorded and mixed with Ben Lawson in Auckland, the album features local luminaries Steven Huf, Will Wood, Mason Fairey, and Sam Hamilton. Dowling recalls; “Ben Lawson heard me play at my neighbours wedding and later asked if I wanted some studio time at Red Bull. He gave me a week in between other projects and last minute I realised I didn’t want to record solo and asked friends Steven Huf and Will Wood if they wanted to help me out. I’d seen both of them play with a lot of different people over the years and knew they could pull it off without much warning. I think we only practiced 3 times”

Whether soaked in Oscar’s melancholy voice and warped out guitars (‘Sally Free’ and ‘Easy’), accompanied by a delicate piano (‘Low Moon’) or jarringly raw (‘Ease My Passing’) each track paints a vivid picture of Oscar’s life. Title track ‘The Life’ is best at transcending this portrait of the hardship of life with an entrancing melody line and ruthless lyrics.

Opening for Aldous Harding for a slew of shows across New Zealand, Dowling is now preparing to head back out on the road for a headline tour of all major NZ cities. Dowling says of touring; “The band has changed a lot over the last two years with nine or ten different members passing through. For a while each time I played a show I was teaching somebody the whole set a few days before. It’s been a very disjointed project over all, but I feel like it’s finally coming together into something more solid”.



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