[streaming] Midwife – Song For An Unborn Sun

Taken from “Like Author, Like Daughter”, debut album by Madeline Johnston under the Midwife moniker.

Under the name Sister Grotto, Denver based artist Madeline Johnston explores the limits of minimalism in transcendental drone-pop. With “Like Author, Like Daughter” Johnston uses the Midwife moniker to craft triumphant, fist-in-the-air anthems that tackle themes of dislocation and falling in (and out) of love with a person, yourself, your home and the world.

A portrait of Johnston’s last year as a resident of Denver’s famed D.I.Y venue Rhinoceropolis that was closed in a rash of politically motivated assaults on creative spaces across the United States, Like Author, Like Daughter internalizes loss, addiction and abandonment and wrings them through distorted power chords, powerful leads, sheets of drone and building, aching monuments to past-selves and lost loves into an ultimately positivist statement of resilience and self-love. It’s a record that is impossible to listen without a lump in your throat.

Performed, recorded and co-produced by Tucker Theodore (Buffalo Voice, Gunmothers Head), “Like Author, Like Daughter” was recorded in Denver at Rhinoceropolis and Inambulance in Olympia, WA.

Released 06.16 by Cincinnati-based Whited Sepulchre Records.

“Song For An Unborn Sun” is featured as the current “single of the week” of the radio show L’Attimo Fuggente.



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