[video of the week] Balmorhea – Sky Could Undress

Film Nº1 in the “Clear Language” Film Trilogy by Claire Cottrell.

“Clear Language”, the new album by Balmorhea will be released on September 22nd via Western Vinyl.

“There are no clear borders, only merging invisible to the sight.” ― Dejan Stojanovic.

Soon after Balmorhea finished the work on the music for “Clear Language” they began thinking about how they would want to represent to music visually. They turned to LA-based artist Claire Cottrell. They were attracted to her visual work for her rich use of color, her ability to communicate depth with simplicity and her distinct visual language. Through a series of conversations the group decided that Cottrell would embark on a trilogy of films reflecting the unspoken themes of “Clear Language”. The images from these films would provide the source material for every visual aspect of the album. Shot entirely on the iPhone and with no script or outline, the director would explore locations not often thought of as rich in beauty or visual value.

The political climate of early 2017 weighed heavily on the group as they discussed how to proceed. Balmorhea’s music for many reflects a deeply emotional and human landscape that touches a wide range of emotion that is often subject to individual interpretation. Throughout the years the group has been approached by many listeners with deeply personal stories of how their music served them in a time of suffering, healing or celebration; it seems to be a truly unifying force. At a time in the world where there seems to be a never ending stream of conflict and anger, the group decided that they wanted to set each of the three videos in a location that was both beautiful and politically relevant. The first installation of the trilogy was shot in the area surrounding Zona Norte, CA, just north of the Mexico-US Border and the walls that separate San Ysidro from Tijuana.

The series as a whole intends to subvert stale political dialogues and a chance for the music to open a window to a deeper measure of understanding and a new-found intimacy.



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