[video of the week] Angèle David-Guillou – Desert Stilts

“Desert Stilts” is the first track from “En Mouvement”, the second album undr her own name by Angèle David-Guillou, formerly known as Klima, as well as long time Piano Magic member.

“En Mouvement” will be released October 13th via Village Green Records.

In Angèle’s own words: “I started working on Desert Stilts as I was looking into odd time signature changes and Baroque rhythms. At the same time I was reading Gurdjieff’s wonderful book Meetings With Remarkable Men, and a passage in which himself and a group of friends are crossing a desert really stuck with me. There is suddenly a terrible sand storm and the team of adventurers are stopped in their tracks. After a while they decide, as one does, to walk on stilts. High from the ground, the air is clear and windless and they can walk without any problem across the desert whilst the storm is raging below. I love this fable for its beautiful metaphoric meaning but also because it is totally absurd and told with great wit and humour. Peace is achieved through determination, light-heartedness and absurdity. I love this combination of the serious and the absurd, in life as in art, and I wanted to translate this into music.”

Film excerpts from “Meetings with Remarkable Men” by Peter Brook (1979), based on the book by G.I. Gurdjieff. Movements directed by Jeanne De Salzmann.



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