[streaming] Richard Luke – Beachcombing

Richard Luke is a multi-instrumentalist composer and producer based in Glasgow, Scotland making modern-classical, ambient and experimental new music. Recently signed to Swedish independent 1631 Recordings/ Decca Publishing, he’s announced his new album ‘Voz’ — a reference to Luke actually being voice-less for sometime earlier in the year — for a release date of February 23rd. The album co-written and performed with Scottish Chamber Orchestra violinist Amira Bedrush-McDonald, who herself is playing 1st violin in the Scottish Chamber Orchestra with Max Richter in January.

The lead track “Beachcombing” is now offering a snapshot into the breadth of the collaboration between Richard and Amira, with her strings complimenting the ins and outs of the delicate piano work.

Richard first met Amira while working as a stage hand for said Scottish Chamber Orchestra, a job he held down to supplement his income as a producer working with local Glasgow bands like Breakfast Muff, Mark McGowan, and Unkle Bob. Richard also runs the DIY recording studio High Pony based in Glasgow.

The album ‘Voz’ (meaning ‘voice’ in Portuguese) was written in the summer of 2017 in Portugal following a lengthy period of actual voice-loss. Richard reconciled his lack of being able to sing by composing instrumental music whilst on an artist residency in an old school building. During his time at the school in Gois, the country experienced their worst Wildfires in over 50 years which contributed in part to songs like ‘Ashes Falling from the Sky’ and ‘Wildfire’.

The album is a sentimental, joyous and wistful journey exploring the carousel of memories in “Goodbyes”, the epic searching of “Beachcombing”, and the uplifting sonics of “Washing Day”.



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