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[streaming] Small Feet – A Little More Dead In The Nerves

“A Little More Dead In The Nerves”, released October 5th, is Small Feet’s second single since the release of their critically acclaimed debut album “From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like The Ocean”.

Without pretension, Stockholm’s Simon Stålhamre, the gentleman behind Small Feet, covers huge swaths of emotional and intellectual ground as casually as if he were strolling out for a smoke, journeying through a shapeshifting landscape of dreams towards what another Scandinavian, Prince Hamlet, called “the undiscovered country”. Like “All And Everyone”, one of its standout tracks, From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like the Ocean — recorded almost entirely at an 18th century cabin on an island in central Stockholm, with occasional forays to Snavely’s own farmland hideaway outside the city — finds Stålhamre literally whistling his apocalyptic woes, employing an alchemist’s dedication to what once seemed impossible. It’s definitely been worth waiting for.


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