[video of the week] Sara Forslund – Hard

Taken from Sara Forslund’s new album, “Summer is like a swallow”, out 9th of November on LP and digital platforms via Kaip Records.

Sara Forslund (1981) was born in a small village called Borgvattnet in the northern part of Sweden. Borgvattnet is known for its haunted vicarage. At that time, Sara’s father Tore Forslund was the local priest and was nicknamed “The ghost priest” after offering to relieve the village of its ghosts that were said to reside in the old vicarage. As a young child Forslund would often sing religious hymns toghether with her family on the streets of Sweden…

She has performed her songs in places such as England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand and Sweden where she also did a few prisongigs at Hällbyanstalten (Eskilstuna) 2009.

In 2012 she visited a show of Glaswegian singer-songwriter Gareth Dickson that completely struck her and changed her path. The fullness of just one acoustic guitar, a story and low-voiced vocals was something that resonated deeply within her. His dreamful voice inspired her, so gentle one could hardly hear it but rather feel it, like a sweet breeze passing by in the desert. Never too strong but always comforting.
On top of that, Gareth also introduced Sara to Nick Drake’s music and just a few weeks later, “Water Became Wild” saw the light of day, which felt like coming home after a long period of drought.

Forslund released her debutalbum “Water became wild” at Volkoren in 2015 (CD and limited deluxe version) which ended up on several best album of 2015 lists;

Album of the year #15 ROCKLIST MUSIC
Top ten album #3 L’ATTIMO FUGGENTE
Favourite album of 2015 #4 NORDIC MUSIC REVIEW

Other collaboration projects are “Butterflies and graves” (Time released sound 2013) and “Poems of despair” (Kaip 2017).

In august 2016 Forslund started the recordings of her second soloalbum “Summer is like a swallow” where she has reconnected with Nick Drakes producer and soundengineer John Wood who this time also has coproduced. Another new collaborator on this album is twice grammy nominee Johan Eckeborn who takes the album towards a slightly more experimental direction. Another familiar voice and coproducer is Gustaf Spetz. Besides producing her new album Forslund has also finished her bachelor´s course in Musicology at Stockholms university.


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