[streaming] Caitlin Pasko – Horrible Person

Caitlin Pasko – the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, piano player, and weaver of dreamy, elegiac meditations – has announced the impending release of her new album “Greenhouse”, out August 28 on Whatever’s Clever.

“Greenhouse” derives its name from structures that protect plant life from unfavorable external conditions, and from environments in which flora adapt in order to survive and sustain other life forms. Written during and in the wake of an emotionally abusive partnership, “Greenhouse” documents the dissolution of relationships: from the romantic to the familial; from close friendships to Pasko’s ever-evolving connection to herself. Greenhouse weathers solitude’s storms in the form of sprawling fantasias, peripatetic monologues, and elegiac meditations. It is a musical evocation of a safe space for personal transformation, healing, and unconditional love.

Along with the announcement, Pasko has shared the album’s centerpiece, “Horrible Person.” Created in collaboration with producer Henry Terepka (Zula), “Horrible Person” is a soundscape from deep inside an underwater chasm filled with neon diatoms.

Of the song, Pasko says: I wrote “Horrible Person” a cappella, alone in my bed, in the dark. It’s the first song Henry [Terepka] and I made that paved the way for Greenhouse. I remember meeting up with him at Pinch just to see if we could make something (anything), and after catching up, Henry asked me what I’d been working on. I told him I was trying a new thing — writing songs a capella, away from my piano, as a way to bypass my usual songwriting hang ups. I remember describing “Horrible Person” to him as being “pretty direct,” and laughing nervously. We were in the control room, and he jumped up to get his guitar, and an amp, and some pedals. He asked me to sing the first line (so that he could figure out the key), and we both laughed about it as he created a drone. Then, before I ever even sang the whole song to him, we decided to record a take, with both of us improvising and reacting to each other. Afterwards, we built layers upon layers around it. I imagine that I’m singing from inside a deep, dark, underwater chasm, with neon diatoms darting around me. The final recording is the first and only take of the song, as well as my first time singing it aloud to anyone (and Henry’s first time hearing it).

“Greenhouse” follows Pasko’s 2017 “Glass Period” EP, which won praise from The Line of Best Fit, Gold Flake Paint, Post-Trash, and more for its emotional depth and intricate soundscapes. It is available to pre-order on cassette (and digital formats) via Whatever’s Clever Records. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.



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