[streaming] Mute Forest – The Diver (Gravenhurst cover)

An ode to the late Nick Talbot (Gravenhurst) by Kael Smith (Mute Forest).

In Kael’s own words: “I first discovered Gravenhurst back in 2004 while exhausting the last of my pizza-serving paycheck at my local record store, Stinkweeds in Tempe, AZ. As I was thumbing through new releases, eerie, atmospheric-folk began to play over the store’s sound system. When Nick’s voice emerged from the fog, I was hooked. I purchased “Flashlight Seasons” that day and immediately felt as if I was let in on a secret. I listened to that album incessantly. To make extra money during this time I began to DJ weddings, mitzvahs and private parties. The nights were long and the playlists were pre-chosen by the clients. When I climbed into my ’86 Honda Civic (nicknamed “the roller skate”) at the end of the night all I wanted to do was to cleanse my ears with Nick’s beautiful, intimate songs. His music was my companion; something I could count on when I was lonely. Although I never got a chance to see Nick perform or meet him in person, I felt like through his songs I knew him intimately.

Nick passed away a year ago today. At the time I coped with the tragic news by recording one of my favorite songs of his, “The Diver”. And while my version could never hold a light to the original, I recorded it with great sincerity and sorrow. I learned later that Nick had suffered from the seizure-causing disorder epilepsy, a disorder my mother also suffers from. That’s why I’m releasing the cover as a pay-what-you-want digital download via Bandcamp with 100% of the proceeds going to the www.epilepsysociety.org.uk, the leading provider of epilepsy services in the UK though research, awareness campaigns, info, resources and expert care. Please consider donating a minimum of $1 for the song and help give people with this often debilitating disorder your support.

With gratitude and fond remembrance,
– Kael Smith, 4.12.2015″


Original song by Nick Talbot (Gravenhurst) from his album “Flashlight Seasons” (Silent Age Records, 2003 / Warp Records, 2004)




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