[streaming] Lowered – Arche (For Gongs)

The first in a series of minimal drone studies of acoustic instruments.
This recording features 32″ tam-tam, together with field recordings and singing bowls.
No artificial effects have been used.

Deep melancholic bass swells emerge from the white noise of the trees, which give way to blackened low-end rumbles, floating midrange drones, and fragile, crystalline singing bowls.

32” tam-tam played and recorded by Chris Gowers, winter 2013, London, UK.

Singing bowls played by Chris Gowers, recorded by Colin Bradley, autumn 2015 at University Centre, Doncaster, UK. Microphone placement and room set-up by Colin Bradley.

Field recordings made in various locations and times from during 2015 by Chris Gowers.

Arrangement completed late 2015 in London, UK, amidst the slow swells of the trees outside.

All sounds recorded acoustically, no artificial effects have been added.

Mastered by Fraser McGowan early 2016.



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