[streaming] Illuminine – Be Wise, Take Care

“Be Wise, Take Care” is the first track off the sophomore album “#2”, out on Illuminine Records in Spring 2017.

With a goodbye to his past as a member of the Flemish noise-rock band Mosquito, Kevin Imbrechts awoke as Illuminine in the silence of the night a few years ago. Alone in his bedroom, surrounded by a guitar, a handful of style effects pedals, and toy synthesizers, Imbrechts soon became engulfed in the intricacies found in the music of his eventual Icelandic counterparts.

A mere two years after releasing #1, his debut self-recorded album that he finished with Birgir Jón Birgisson (Sigur Rós, Violent Femmes), Kevin returns with the follow-up #2 in 2017 on his new imprint Illuminine Records, which will be distributed by Sony Music. For the album, Imbrechts again recorded the album himself in Leuven, and finished the process with Birgisson at Sigur Ros’ Sundlaugin Studio in Reykjavík, Iceland. The album is set for a worldwide release on May 19th following the Belgian release this Friday. Clrvynt has premiered the “cavernous” album track “Be Wise, Take Care” — a building, ambient piece with a tangible human element — and the album track “Dualisms #2” also recently saw the light of day via Nils Frahm’s Piano Day 2017 playlist on Soundcloud.

Regarding his new imprint Illuminine Records working alongside Sony Music for distro, Imbrechts says “When looking for a home for the new Illuminine record, it seemed natural to look for a setup that allowed as much control as possible. We knew which story we wanted to tell, and we knew how to tell it. Now we have the most independent way of working possible: it’s just me and my manager handling everything and staying connected to fans online. It’s genuine, but also has the advantage of their large apparatus.”

The record expands the universe Imbrechts created on his debut, with a more dynamic and sometimes apocalyptical feel intertwined with rich guest vocals including Jan Swerts and Will Samson. With #2, Illuminine is taking his sound beyond Belgium, the Netherlands and Iceland, beyond the classic boundaries of the genre, and into the great, vast unknown.



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