[streaming] Météo Ciel Bleu – L’Avalanche

Météo Ciel Bleu is the new project from French Canadian singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Frédéric Boisclair. Having worked and toured in the folk / singer-songwriter circuit for a while under the moniker Fred Woods, Boisclair now unveils a new sonic identity. More electronic than his previous work, Météo Ciel Bleu reconnects him to his Québécois heritage. The new record “Au loin au large” channels the obscure calm of the vast northern forests through spacious and insistent soundscapes. From the album’s cold and mysterious atmosphere emerges a creative reflection informed by Boisclair’s experience of the territory he grew up on.

This album links two aspects long thought unreconcilable by Boisclair, his Québécois identity and his European musical influences (krautrock, avant-garde experimental, jazz, minimal techno and English folk to name a few). After spending a year in France feeling displaced and somewhat lost, he started to see his roots in a new light. The need to reconnect to his mother tongue and make something that felt closer to home started to impose itself. Songwriting then became the vehicle for his reflections on language, Quebec’s folklore, northern culture at large and his relation to space and environment. The Météo Bleu Ciel project shows a desire to liberate itself from the more conventional structures of songwriting and to reclaim Québécois’ language and culture in a musical form focused on sonic experimentation.

The recording of Au loin au large was a solo effort of research through experimentation. Boisclair created his songs from spliced improvisations which he then reassembled and layered with his voice. Now back in Montreal, he’s adopting a more collaborative approach while readying his work for live performance. He is working with musicians François Zaïdan (Klö Pelgag), Mathieu Arsenault (Seulement, Technical Kidman) and Andrew Beaudoin (Cabale), along with filmmaker Charles-André Coderre (Jerusalem in my Heart, Deserts).



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