[video of the week] TJO – A Sunday 2020

On July 23, Orindal Records will release “Dispatches from the Drift”, a new album of solo synthesizer improvisations by TJO (aka Tara Jane O’Neil). Recorded at home in California between April 2020 & February 2021, Dispatches from the Drift plays like a series of private meditations; music made for the pure & joyous purpose of personal exploration. Lovingly mastered by Matt Bachmann, Dispatches from the Drift is a psychedelic sound diary that moves gently & melodically through sixty-three minutes of shifting texture & mood.

GoldFlakePaint announced the Dispatches from the Drift pre-order & premiered TJO’s homemade music video for opening track “A Sunday 2020” this morning. GFP’s Tom Johnson writes:

Shared here today as the album’s introduction, ‘A Sunday 2020’ is one of only two songs that feature guitar – and the only song to include vocals – and it makes for an immediately absorbing foundation for what promises to be one of the summer’s most sheltering laments. “It meets certain criteria for inclusion here as the keyboard and wordless vocals were improvised just like the others,” O’Neil says of the album’s first song, which you can hear via its homemade video below. “However on this one I did use my old familiar hammer, the guitar for melodic shape.”

Quietly, delicately enrapturing, Dispatches from the Drift was born from a strange world in a strange time but it’s hard not to feel hope in these sounds; an elegant reminder that magic can always be stirred into existence, no matter the circumstances. “These found ambient pieces were not edited to feel narrative, and weren’t made with sharing in mind,” O’Neil says in conclusion. “Use them however you like.”



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