[streaming] Sara Forslund, Lárus Sigurðsson & David Åhlén – The Thoughts

In 2011, artist Samuel Sander developed a project based on the Bible book of Lamentations. He received a travel stipend and journeyed with friend and musician David Åhlén to Jerusalem, where the pair spent five days at the Western Wall during the Jewish holiday, Tisha B’av. Visual and audio sketches from the trip eventually resulted in the art exhibit, Lamentations, in Norrköping, Sweden.

The project continued in collaboration with priest, psychotherapist, and poet Bengt Thurfjell, who wrote the collection Poems of despair. In 2015, David set some of the poems to music. He included his colleague Sara Forslund and Icelandic composer Lárus Sigurðsson in the process, which soon lead to a recording project. The album was recorded in various studios on Gotland, Iceland, and in Stockholm in 2016 and mixed in 2017 by Lárus and Birgir Jón Birgisson (Sigur Rós’s studio engineer) i Sundlaugin studio, Reykjavik.

The album will first be the release by the new Gotlandic label Kaip, which has ties to the Visby scene Skaiv, a club for experimental music.

Sara Forslund, former vocalist in the folk/drone band Birch and Meadow (together with David Wenngren), released her dreamy solo debut album, Water became wild, in 2015. The album landed on several top lists, including Nordic Music Review (UK), Rocklistmusic (USA), and L’Attimo Fuggente (Italy).

Lárus Sigurðsson is a composer, arranger, musician, musical instrument maker, and artist in Reykjavik, Iceland. Lárus studied at Tónlistarskólinn (Reykjavik College of Music), Emerson College (UK), and Listaháskóli (Icelandic Academy of Arts). He has been involved in countless musical and artistic collaborations, including as guitarist in the Icelandic band Stafrænn Hákon. Lárus has also released several ambient solo albums.

Svenska Dagbladet recently described David Åhlén as “the Swedish singer-songwriter scene’s best kept secret.” David debuted under his own name with the vinyl single Wasted breaths in 2007 and has since released three critically acclaimed solo albums: “We Sprout in Thy Soil” (2009), “Selah” (2013), and “Hidden Light” (2016). He has also collaborated with musicians such as Nicolai Dunger, Sofia Jernberg, Mariam Wallentin, Emil Svanängen, Jonathan Johansson, Stefan Östersjö och Svante Henryson.

“The Thoughts” is featured as the current “single of the week” of the radio show L’Attimo Fuggente.



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