PIANO MAGIC – Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet
(Second Language, 2012)

Despite a fifteen years career and ten albums behind him, Glen Johnson is always in search of new challenges and changes in his sound, still very recognizable and consistent with his sensibility.

Having abandoned the thundering guitars of the latest “Part-Monster” and “Ovations“, Piano Magic return to a more sparse sound form, not so far from the analog sources of their early stuff, but also tending to an acoustic dimension.
More positive and self-ironic in its title and closing lyrics (“Do not he supposed there is no hope / Do not forget you’re not alone”), the album is the result of Johnson’s recent artistic choices, in the light of which he writes a new chapter of his stories about ghosts, loss and human weaknesses, that perfectly fits the gloomy and ghostly aspects of his music.

Along the thirteen tracks of the album, oblique lines of analog synths, percussions and warm acoustic melodies are supported by a string section and horns, that widen the sound cathedrals where melodies and electronic textures seem to resonate longer than their length. Still, the great accuracy put on the atmospheric side of the tracks is no less than the one put on songwriting, even if, at first, it may affect a bit the songs immediacy.

It’s a courageous choice, indeed, but perfectly representative of Glen Johnson’s artistc coherence; just like the one to publish the record on his own Second Language label.
Copies of the album bought directly from the label will include a four tracks bonus-cd.

(translation of the review published on italian magazine Rockerilla, May 2012 issue)


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  1. Giubbo ha detto:

    ottima recensione per un disco che attendo ossessivamente.

    hai notato per caso qualche “spezia mediorientale” nelle melodie? a me, ascoltando le preview dei brani, ha dato questa impressione.

    non più solo vecchia europa quindi, ma sguardi che si estendono verso territori più esotici.

    1. rraff ha detto:

      Grazie, ora arriva anche la versione italiana!

      Quanto alle “spezie mediorientali”, per me ce n’erano di più in “Ovations”; qui qualcosa dell’esperienza accanto a Brendan Perry è rimasto, in misura minore anche se quasi più evidente dato il contesto generalmente più scarno. In mezzo alle tastiere analogiche, io continuo a sentirci molta vecchia Europa, con suggestioni mediterranee che a tratti mi hanno ricordato “The Troubled Sleep”.


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